Between 60 and 70% of EU soils are estimated to be unhealthy. Soil is a fragile resource that needs to be carefully managed and safeguarded for future generations. To help regenerate degraded soils and establish a foundation for the future, the EU Commission has put forward an ambitious plan called “A Soil Deal for Europe”. To catalyze the Soil Deal for Europe activities, we are now hosting a conference bringing key stakeholders to discuss Soil Health methods, technology, and applications:
- EU agencies, programs, and research units
- Horizon Europe projects;
- Academic & Soil Experts
- Farmers & farmer organizations;
- Industry partners;
- Educational Institutions

So, mark the dates in your calendar and prepare for the “Soil Health Now” conference:
- 1st of November 2024: abstract submissions close;
- 1st of December 2024: early-bird registrations close;