Open Earth Monitor — Global Workshop 2023

Tom Hengl (OpenGeoHub)

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OpenLandMap: Global ARCO environmental layers
Tom Hengl (OpenGeoHub)

OpenLandMap is a not-for-profit open data system providing data and services to help produce and share the most up-to-date, fully documented (potentially to the level of fully reproducibility) data sets on the actual and potential status of multiple environmental variables. The layers include soil properties/classes, relief, geology, land cover/use/degradation, climate, current and potential vegetation, through a simple web-mapping interface allowing for interactive queries and overlays. This is a genuine Open Land Data and Services system where anyone can contribute and share global maps and make them accessible to hundreds of thousands of researchers and businesses. We currently host about 15TB of data including 1 km daily and monthly climatic products (min, max temperature and precipitation), map of potential natural vegetation, 250 m MODIS terra products, 100 m land cover and land use maps and soil properties, 30 m land cover maps and digital terrain parameters. We are inspired by de-centralized open source projects such as Mastodon, OpenStreetMap, and OSGeo projects including the R project for statistical computing.

OEMC project workshop
EURAC Seminar room 2 & 3