OpenGeoHub Summer School 2023

Environmental analysis using satellite image time series (part 2)
2023-08-30, 15:30–17:00, Room 21 (Sala 21)

Satellite imagery time series offer a powerful means to detect and analyze both short- and long-term changes in the environment. In particular, the availability of open-access data from missions like Landsat (since 1972) and Sentinel (since 2015) has significantly enhanced our ability to study these changes. This workshop aims to explore the use of time series of indices derived from satellite imagery for analyzing various types of land cover changes using the programming language R. The workshop will cover essential preprocessing steps, including outlier removal and handling missing observations, to ensure the quality of the data. Participants will learn how to effectively model time series using different methods. Additionally, the workshop will provide insights into detecting trends and breaks within the time series data. The analysis will focus on a range of objects and encompass both abrupt and gradual changes. Examples of the types of changes that will be explored include urban growth or vegetation succession.

The repository fot this workshop:
And the instructions for this workshop are here:

However, this repository may be also useful for dealing with other time series, not only satellite imagery!

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I am a geographer with a PhD specializing in remote sensing analysis of forests & R enthusiast.

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