OpenGeoHub Summer School 2023

Tools and packages to query and process Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data with R and Python (part 2)
2023-09-01, 09:00–10:30, Room 21 (Sala 21)

This session focuses on the products from the ESA Copernicus program Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2. These products can be freely accessed in several manners and through different portals. We will take a look at packages to query the data you need for your analyses using Python and R, switching between platforms when relevant. An introduction on how to process Sentinel data with both platforms will also be covered focusing on the particularities of the sensors.

For Sentinel-1 data access, we will use the ASF Data Service to query data. There is no need for credentials for querying the data but if you want to try the downloading steps, you will need Earthdata Login credentials.

What is your current associations to EU Horizon projects (if any)? Please provide URL that you plan to use to distribute your materials (if available).

I am a PhD candidate at the Geoinformatics Department of the University of Salzburg. I focus on bigEO and remote sensing analysis for landscape dynamics and geomorphological applications. I have worked with FOSS4G for my research focusing on Sentinel products. I really like biking and hiking in my spare time :)

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