OpenGeoHub Summer School 2023

Cloud-based analysis of Earth Observation data using openEO Platform, R and Python (part 2)
2023-08-30, 11:00–12:30, Room 21 (Sala 21)

openEO Platform holds a large amount of free and open as well as commercial Earth Observation (EO) data which can be accessed and analysed with openEO, an open API that enables cloud computing and EO data access in a unified and reproducible way. Additionally, client libraries are available in R, Python and Javascript. A JupterLab environment and the Web Editor, a graphical interface, allow a direct and interactive development of processing workflows. The platform is developed with a strong user focus and various use cases have been implemented to illustrate the platform capabilities. Currently, three federated backends support the analysis of EO data from pixel to continental scale.

What is your current associations to EU Horizon projects (if any)?

Affiliation: University of Münster
Research interests: Spatial Statistics, Geoinformatics, Spatial Data Science, Reproducible Research, R
About: I lead the spatio-temporal modelling laboratory at the institute for geoinformatics, and am currently head of institute.

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