OpenGeoHub Summer School 2023

xcube for spatiotemporal data analysis and visualization (part 2)
2023-08-30, 15:30–17:00, Room 18 (Sala 18)

xcube is an open-source xarray-based Python package and toolkit that has been developed to provide Earth observation (EO) data in an analysis-ready form to users. xcube achieves this by carefully converting EO data sources into self-contained data cubes that can be published in the cloud.
In this session you will learn about the ecosystem around xcube, which allows to access different data sources and turning the inputs into data cubes. These data cubes can then be easily used for spatiotemporal data analysis and visualization. After a brief introduction about the software components, we will go step by step though some example Jupyter notebooks and finally we will dive into a hands-on session with a little challenge.
For the session you will need a laptop with an internet connection, some basic knowledge about Python and already installed miniconda ( which is used to download the necessary Python packages for the session. Prior experience with Jupyter notebooks will be helpful, but not mandatory.

What is your current associations to EU Horizon projects (if any)?

Open-Earth-Monitor Cyberinfrastructure (Grant agreement ID: 101059548)

I am part of the Environmental Informatics Team at Brockmann Consult GmbH. Brockmann Consult GmbH develops software for the exploitation of environmental data from Earth Observation and other sources, provides information and consultancy services to businesses, public institutions, and national as well as intergovernmental agencies.

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