Open Earth Monitor — Global Workshop 2024

From EO data to policy impact: open EO data in support of environmental, biodiversity and climate policies

Important deadlines

  • Contributed Workshop session (45 mins) proposals deadline: ~~1 February 2024~~ 8 March 2024 Applications closed;
  • Abstracts proposals (20 mins oral) deadline: ~~15 March 2024~~ Extended to: 31 March 2024;

OEMC Global Workshop in a nutshell

After the successful Global Workshop 2023, Open-Earth-Monitor community is pleased to announce the Global Workshop 2024 "From EO data to policy impact". See homepage:; This event is hosted jointly with IIASA at their headquarters, Laxenburg, Austria. The six key conference objectives include:
1. Present and discuss first results of the Open-Earth-Monitor and showcase how they are contributing to the European Green Deal and other EU initiatives; and other sister projects;
2. Connect with all stakeholders especially ESA, EuroGEO, EEA and set up collaborations on how to contribute together to EU Green Deal, receiving feedback (on what? On first OEMC outputs?) and receive feedback;
3. Build stronger bonds between various EU (ESA and/or Horizon Europe funded) and international projects;
4. Innovate how conferences are held especially in terms of video-recording, ranking/voting and interaction (in comparison to EGU and similar);
5. Produce joint statement, joint documents i.e. joint good practice guidelines;
6. Empower and promote young data science researchers through one award for the best presentation and special issues / publications;
Participants of the sessions will be invited to rate presentations, scientific committee members will be asked to provide more structured rating; based on rankings we will invite specific papers for full-paper submissions and provide all tools.