Open Earth Monitor — Global Workshop 2023

Earth Observation Open Science and Innovation
2023-10-04, 14:45–15:15, EURAC Auditorium

Open Science is increasingly recognized as a catalyst for innovation. Back in 2016, the EC's DG-RTD laid a vision for European R&D which acknowledged that “the way that science works is fundamentally changing, and an equally important transformation is taking place in how companies and societies innovate. The advent of digital technologies is making science and innovation more open, collaborative, and global”. The concept of Open Science and Innovation is embraced by the European Space Agency in
its Agenda 2025, recognizing the value that such principles of innovation can bring for the space sector in terms of optimizing development cycles, accelerating time to market, and reducing cost.
In this talk we will present ways in which Open Science and Innovation are addressed in ESA's Earth Observation Programme, and how such principles are transferred into R&D and Scientific activities. We will dive into the "WHYs" and "WHENs" of adopting openness in the Earth Observation value chain, share lessons learned from community consultations and finally look into the "HOWs" of implementing Open Science and Innovation in EO building on elements of agility, sustainability and scalability provided by incorporation of new digital technologies and design-driven product development and science for society.

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Earth Observation, Open Science, Digital Innovation