Open Earth Monitor — Global Workshop 2023

dTwins: Decentralized computational statistics for science and decision-making at global scale
2023-10-06, 16:55–17:00, Poster presentation

Addressing our most pressing civilizational challenges requires effective systems for building, evaluating and evolving scientific models. dTwins is an open, decentralized platform for computational statistics that redefines how scientists and decision-makers create models, fit models to data, perform inference and prediction, generalize to other contexts, and apply models to real-world decisions. In this talk, we present the dTwins architecture, highlighting some of its key innovations, and the initial implementation developed for the agricultural domain at Digital Gaia, in partnership with the Buckminster Fuller Institute.

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See also: Conceptual Whitepaper

Rafael Kaufmann is a mathematical physicist, economist, product manager, and the CTO of Digital Gaia, an open science business that is accelerating the global transition to regenerative agriculture. He is a specialist in distributed systems and Bayesian inference, and author of several publications in AI-augmented collective intelligence. He was founder and CTO of Brazil’s first ridesharing app, worked 6 years at Google building internal tools and processes for scaling organizational effectiveness, and is a member of the Board of Directors at the Active Inference Institute.