Open Earth Monitor — Global Workshop 2023

Global Land use and Land Cover monitoring: From Data to Impact
2023-10-06, 09:30–10:00, EURAC Auditorium

Global land use and land cover monitoring is crucial for understanding and addressing the impacts of land use change on the environment and society. The World Resources Institute’s Land and Carbon Lab is dedicated to advancing this field through the development of cutting-edge monitoring tools, technologies, and partnerships. In this presentation, we will showcase and review available products for global land use and land cover monitoring and highlight the ways in which these products are being leveraged to drive positive change. We will explore the challenges of aligning Earth Observation data with policy, including spatial and temporal challenges as well as challenges aligning land use definitions to land cover monitoring products. The presentation will conclude with a discussion of the future directions for this exciting field, and the opportunities to enhance its impact and value to stakeholders.

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Lindsey Sloat is a Research Associate with the World Resources Institute's Land and Carbon Lab. She focuses on global monitoring data for agricultural lands - including both croplands and grazing lands - and applying those data to inform land use, land management, and environmental impact under a changing climate.