Open Earth Monitor — Global Workshop 2023

Edzer Pebesma

Edzer Pebesma leads the spatio-temporal modelling laboratory at the institute for geoinformatics, and is currently head of institute. He holds a PhD in geosciences, and is interested in spatial statistics, environmental modelling, geoinformatics and GI Science, optimizing environmental monitoring, but also in e-Science and reproducible research. He is an ordinary member of the R foundation and is one of the authors of the freely online book "Spatial Data Science: With applications in R".

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Reproducible and Reusable Remote Sensing Workflows
Edzer Pebesma

Reproducibility and Reusability of workflows are increasingly important topics in Remote Sensing research when moving towards FAIR and open data science. This workshop discusses the current status quo, and how we can improve this with future activities.

OEMC project workshop
EURAC Seminar room 2 & 3